Jimmy Lee is on the set of Georgia Farm Bureau's Georgia Farm Monitor circa 1968.At the time, it was produced at the studios of WMAZ-TV, Channel 13, the CBS affiliate in Macon, GA. Note the fancy graphics on the wall and the paper "teleprompter" on the camera over the lens. A Bolex! That's the wind-up 16mm film camera Jimmy is using, on which silent film was shot back in the 1960's. In those days, the anchor "narrated" what you were seeing! That camera, by the way, is still around and can be seen on the Home page.
Jimmy is doing this weeks Market Report... in 1968.
Jimmy receives an Associated Press news media award for the Monitor from the late John Holleman. Holleman, later to be a CNN reporter, worked for AP Radio then.
In the 1980's, the Monitor had moved up to an Ikegami broadcast camera, although it still had that umbilical cord tying it to a 3/4" tape deck. Jimmy in a corn field on the left, Steve Malone is shooting a close-up of Jimmy on the right. No TelePrompter in those simple days ... you just had to read from a script in your hands! (Believe me, it wasn't easy memorizing so you could occasionally look up!)
Steve Malone (right) and Jimmy Lee in the late 1970's, anchor the Monitor in front of a blue "chromakey" wall. Jimmy interviews Ronald Reagan in 1979. He was elected President two years later.
Steve Malone (left) and Jimmy Lee look over slides and 16mm film for the next Farm Monitor program in the pre-videotape days. Here, Steve (left) shoots an interview being done with a Georgia farmer with our first, single tube color camera.
The Monitor Staff poses on the 1990's era Farm Monitor set. From left: Rick Treptow, Paul Beliveau, Steve Malone and Michael Edmondson. Steve Malone on set of the Monitor, which he anchored and produced from 1985 to 2002.
Here's a look at the crew in the late '90's: (l-r) Paul, Steve, Michael, Jeff Sutton and Rick In January of 2003, Doug Long (right) joins Paul Beliveau to produce and anchor the weekly Monitor.
In October of 2003, Denny Moore (right) joined Paul as anchor/producer of the Monitor show with a newly-designed set. Denny retired in late 2012 and Ray D'Alessio joined the staff from CNN in Atlanta to take Denny's position.
The Georgia Farm Monitor's First 40 Years -- 1966-2006:

Editor's Note: There are notable gaps in years when nothing seemingly happened.
Obviously, that's not the case. It's just poor record keeping. For some reason, as we go about our daily lives, we do so usually not thinking that information we are dealing with may be relevant in the future, or at least, interresting to note. If you're a broadcaster .. you'll understand. Can't promise, but we'll try to do better the next 40 years ...

1965 John Johnson joined Georgia Farm Bureau (GFB) to produce a weekly radio program, called The Georgia Radio Monitor. It aired on 50,000 watt WMAZ-AM and would later expand into a 40-station network.

1966 Johnson originates the Georgia TV Monitor, a weekly half-hour program, which began airing on WMAZ-TV, Macon, in the Summer of 1966. It was produced by the Georgia Farm Bureau in cooperation with the Channel 13 CBS affliate and was sponsored by the Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commissions.

1967 Johnson left the Georgia Farm Bureau, and Jimmy Lee of WMAZ-TV became producer and host for the 40-station radio Monitor programs and the weekly television Monitor program on May 14,1967. Lee was then the Farm Director and Radio Operations Director for WMAZ -AM-FM-TV.

1969 The name of the program was changed from the original Georgia TV Monitor to the present Georgia Farm Monitor at the request of WMAZ-TV's national sales rep firm, (Avery Knodel), who wanted the word "Farm" in the show title to better sell it to national ag advertisers.

1970 Jimmy Lee left WMAZ, and on Jan. 1, 1970 became GFB Director of Radio and Television. He would later be promoted to Information Director. Coincidentally, Paul Beliveau joins WMAZ- AM-FM-TV in February of 1970.

1977 Steve Malone leaves WMAZ to join Jimmy at Georgia Farm Bureau and becomes a radio program producer and assists with television production on the Monitor.

1978 As the television industry moves from 16mm film to more affordable and easier to operate video tape, Farm Bureau purchases the equipment necessary to produce the Monitor in house. To expand the program's reach, Lee offered the program to other Georgia TV stations and the Monitor "network" began June 3, 1978. Original stations were: WMAZ-TV 13 Macon; WTOC-TV 11 Savannah; WALB-TV 10 Albany; WRBL-TV 3 & WTVM-TV 9 Columbus; and WATL-TV 36 Atlanta. Soon after, WSAV-TV 3 Savannah and WCTV-TV 6 Thomasville/Tallahassee were added.

1983 Lee joined with Steve Bell, University of Georgia College of Agriculture, to produce a spinoff of the Georgia Farm Monitor, which was called The Georgia Farmer. That show, which used many of the Farm Monitor stories, aired Friday evenings at 7:30 on the Georgia Public Television Network (GPTV) of stations. When Lee left Farm Bureau in August of 1985, Steve Malone began co-hosting the GPTV program with Bell. That show ended in 1986.

1985 Jimmy Lee retires from Farm Bureau after 18 years to form his own video production company. On August 12, Paul Beliveau, who like Lee earlier, was Director of Operations for WMAZ, joined GFB as Director of Information/Public Relations. At that time, Steve Malone was promoted to producer/host of the Georgia Farm Monitor. In August,the Monitor is now on 7 stations: WALB-TV 10 Albany; WRBL-TV 3 & WTVM-TV 9 Columbus; WMAZ-TV 13 Macon; WTOC-TV 11 Savannah; WSAV-TV 3 Savannah; and WCTV-TV 6 Thomasville/Tallahassee.

1997 The Monitor begins airing on Atlanta station WTLK-TV 14 (now WPXA-TV), owned by the PAX Television Network (now ION), in September.

1998 In January, 15 affiliate stations are on the Georgia Farm Monitor Network. They are: WALB-TV 10, Albany; WTVM-TV 9, Columbus; WTLK-TV 14, Atlanta; WNGM-TV 34, Athens; WMAZ-TV 13, Macon; WPGA-TV 58, Macon; WTOC-TV 11, Savannah; WUBI-TV 34, Savannah; WJBF-TV 6, Augusta; WSST-TV 55, Cordele; WNEG-TV 32, Toccoa; WVGP-TV 44, Valdosta; WDNN-TV 43, Dalton; WVOH-TV 63, Hazlehurst; and WCNT-TV 65 Chattanooga, TN. In April, 1998, WNGM-Athens is sold, becomes Hipsanic station and the Monitor is dropped.

2000 The Monitor goes Nationwide in December, when the new RFD-TV Network signs on. The Monitor is one of the first programs seen on the new network available to (at that time) 23 million homes on cable systtems and satellite services Dish Network and DirecTV.

2001 WPHJ-TV 46 in Vidalia joins the Farm Monitor Network.

2002 Dec. 31: Steve Malone retires after 25 years with GFB, 17 as Farm Monitor producer/anchor. Doug Long moves from WGXA-TV, the Fox affiliate in Macon, where he was News Director and news anchor, to become producer/host of the Monitor. Paul Beliveau becomes executive producer and co-host in a new dual-host program format.

2003 July 31: Doug Long resigns and moves back home to Utah. Beliveau becomes sole producer/host until October, when Denny Moore of CBS affiliate WGNX-TV Atlanta, joins the staff as producer/co-host of the Monitor.

2005 August 20: WPXC-TV 21 Brunswick, GA / Jacksonville, FL begins airing the program.

2006 February 22: Georgia Farm Bureau staff member and the original host of the Georgia Farm Monitor television program, Jimmy Lee is inducted a member of the Georgia Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame. CLICK HERE for a complete story.

June 24, 2006: The Monitor celebrates 40 Years on the air with Episode # 2,083.

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