America First Policies Event Hosts Pence Atlanta

ATLANTA, GA – It was a packed house as around 500 people gathered for an America First Policies event as a few notable speakers were in attendance to talk about the success of the current administration. Georgia’s Governor Deal was there, along with the Director of the EPA, Scott Pruitt. Pruitt got the chance to speak and talked about the importance of deregulation and working together with American businesses. We got the chance to catch up with Pruitt after the event. He discussed the WOTUS rule and what else is next for the EPA.

“I think what we’ve got to do is finish these areas, these changes like the WOTUS rewrite, the president’s leadership on that to send that message to me to get that fixed that’s going to be done this year. The clean power plant is going away, the president’s exit from the Paris Accord sent a great message that America was going to be put first and so as we go into 2018, we’re going to continue to finish those rules to make sure Americans all over the country recognize that they’re our partners, that we can achieve good things together,” said Pruitt.

The guest of honor though was, of course, Vice President Pence. He spoke about a wide range of topics and afterward, we got the chance to speak in a one on one with him about some big issues in agriculture. The full interview can be seen below.

By: John Holcomb