Georgia Lawmaker Dedicated to State’s Ag Industry

Roopville, GA |

For David Huddleston, agriculture and advocating for agriculture has always been a passion for him, as he grew up working on the farm and today, works full-time as a poultry, forage, and cattle producer. However, a few years back, Huddleston had the urge to take that passion to the next level by deciding to run for state office.

“Back in 2017, I got to represent Georgia with the cattlemen’s association on the YCC trip. That’s the trip that starts out in Colorado and works cross-country to Washington, DC. So in 2017, that was the first time ever that I had the opportunity to be in Washington, DC and had a number of office visits set up with some congressmen. I was getting a picture made on the U.S. Capitol steps and I said, ‘if someone from Roopville, Georgia can be up here in DC and to be that voice, then somebody needs to be that voice back at home.’ So in 2017, I put a five year goal in plan to work toward somehow, someway, being that advocate at state level or at a higher level,” says Huddleston.

Huddleston took that goal and ran with it, getting elected to the Georgia House in 2022, even getting the chance to serve as Secretary for the House Ag Committee, which of course is no surprise, as the ag industry, especially its preservation is a huge priority of his.

“I think the biggest thing is I talk about preservation of agriculture, and a lot of times you think you’re talking about preservation of agriculture as the land itself, which is very important. We have got to have the land to, number one, provide food and fiber, to the citizens of the state, if not the whole country, but one of the my big passions is youth. I think preservation of farmland is for the next generation, is for the youth of today is our leaders of tomorrow. So, any programs or any opportunities that I have to represent them, to see them succeed, is probably one of the things I set as priority,” says Huddleston.

For Huddleston, in the end, he believes that ag is something worth fighting for, as he says it’s vital in being able to keep our nation secure and allow future generations, like his son, the chance to continue carrying on the legacy that is farming.

“I think the importance of being involved in ag goes back to provide food and fiber, not only here locally, but to wherever. You hear our commissioner of ag, he talks about food security is national security. So, the passion there’s been farming my entire life. My parents, my grandparents had been in farming, but I think it’s just being out in the outdoors, working with your hands, knowing that you can make a difference. To see the sun come up first thing in the morning and everything come to life, but I think ultimately it’s the passion part of it just goes back to knowing that even my son that’s helping me full time on the farm, it’ll be here tomorrow for him. Now, being in Atlanta, it goes back to being that impact, the voice, the eyes, the ears, of our districts, but not only of our districts, but the agricultural sector of the whole state,” says Huddleston.

By: John Holcomb