Startup Company Can Help With Your Future Gift Giving

Norcross, GA

After starting out with a small, thirty-box order nearly a decade ago Georgia Crafted has now become largest curator of locally produced products in the state, shipping out tens of thousands of gift boxes each and every year. All in an effort to expand the client base past just local farmers markets.

“Their consumer is just that person on the other side of the table buying their product. And our idea was, well, wait a minute, if we could partner with people all over the country. Maybe we could partner with companies who are looking for client gifts or employee gifts. You know, we can take one product and get it into the hands of so many more people at one time. And then we’re helping, you know, not only promote that small, local maker, but we’re helping promote the concept of shopping local,” says Erin Zwigart, Owner of Georgia Crafted.

That type of exposure can be difficult for local businesses owners as many don’t have the time or know how for self-promotion.

“They’re family run businesses, you know, they’re trying to get their kids to their ballgames and do dance classes and, you know, do all the things. I think that just being able to support those small, local companies, makers versus large corporations, it just goes such a long way. The impact that it can have to me, is just phenomenal,” says Zwigart.

While these products are created in a relatively small area, that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to choose from when picking out the perfect gift.

“At this point, we carry over two hundred different products made by local makers. So, that’s going to be different snack products. It’s going to be different bath and body products or home goods. And so, it’s fantastic because people can come onto They can pick and choose the style products they want and know right then and they’re helping to support only local Georgia makers,” says Zwigart.

That kind of variety also spotlights just how diversified agriculture is within the state.

“I mean, you think that we carry so many Georgia Grown products. You know, we’ve got pecans. We’ve got peanuts. We’ve got, you know, beef jerky and honey. I mean, these are all, a lot of these people, they’re farmers. You know, they’re out there growing their product. So, again, the impact that it can have on these products is just amazing,” says Zwigart.

And it’s not just the business owners that see the benefits, but also the customers, as they are able to buy gifts that is sure to suit every different taste.

Zwigart says, “You know, the impact that I feel that Georgia Crafted can have goes such a long way again, not just on that local maker, but it’s even on our end consumer. You know, it’s hard to buy a gift. It’s not easy. Everybody at this point pretty much has what they need. So, I always say you buy one Georgia Crafted box that has four or five products and you’ve just helped support four or five, technically six, small, local businesses.

Even though Georgia Crafted has a warehouse full of local products, they are always looking for more, which is why they encourage every Georgia maker to reach out.

“All they have to do is go to, if it’s an artisan or a maker looking to submit their product, there’s actually a submission application that they can fill out. But honestly, my phone number is on the website. My email is on the website. Call me. Text me. Email me. I’m always here,” says Zwigart.

By: Damon Jones